What's Your Type? 4 Brand New Personality Types And What It Means For You

We all love a personality test, don't we? "Tell me who I am!" your inner voice screams. The need to understand ourselves - and what it means - seems so ingrained.

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Exciting new research shows how the already-known 'Big 5' personality traits are commonly expressed together. Based on the interplay of questionnaire answers, the study categorises people into four new personality types.

  • Role-model

  • Self-Centred

  • Reserved

  • Average

These are based on where you sit on the sliding scale of these five traits:

  • Openness to experience - curiosity or caution?

  • Conscientiousness - organised or laid back?

  • Extraversion - outgoing or alone-time?

  • Agreeableness - peacekeeping or challenging?

  • Neuroticism - sensitive or secure?

It's great to learn about yourself, right? More understanding equals more certainty. But what if it only shows a snap-shot? What if these traits are just the result of how your brain's working at the moment?

What if:

  • You dream of being more spontaneous, but can't stop worrying about money, sleep, work, and everything else you plan for.

  • Everyone says how organised you are, but you only do it because it's too stressful when you don't.

  • You secretly long to meet more people, but are held back by crippling social anxiety you just can't shift.

  • You disagree with people, but often keep quiet because you're afraid of a fight.

  • Part of you knows you're skilled at something, but at times you just can't shake off the voice of doubt.

So imagine. If you could stop the worry, feel less stressed, let go of the anxiety, comfortably stand up for what you believe in, and believe in yourself when it mattered most - wouldn’t your score change?

The great thing about tests like these isn't that they help you understand who you are. But understand where you're at now. Neuroplasticity says your brain can change. Don't let a label define you. Use it as a starting point. How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be?

Maybe your answer isn't clear straight away. But recognising you can ask the question - that makes you infinitely more likely to get one.

Study ref.: A robust data-driven approach identifies four personality types across four large data sets (2018)

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