David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Leighton Buzzard

David Bird

Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach in Leighton Buzzard

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First things first

Research tells us the single most important factor in therapy is the relationship between you and your therapist. So it's important we know we're right for each other.

That's why we’ll always start with a conversation.

Those I speak with regularly tell me how helpful and enlightening our first conversation is. Because the approach is new for them. Meaning they see things from a new perspective.

We'll arrange a time to talk and understand what's really going on for you. And what you'd like to achieve. We're then better placed to agree our arrangements for working together.

I have already recommended David to my friends, because if they have a chance to combat their fears or phobias or any other areas of their lives...then it’s worth a shot, right!?
— NH, Operations Manager, Age 43 - Spider phobia (arachnophobia)

You have nothing to lose except what's holding you back

I'm only able to work with a small number of people at any one time. So I choose only to work with those who are really committed to change.

Sound like you?

Then do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.


Where to find me

We'll work face-to-face at my dedicated home Cognitive Hypnotherapy practice in Leighton Buzzard.

There's plenty of parking if you drive. And I'm about ten minutes' walk from Leighton Buzzard train station in case you don't.


Online therapy Skype sessions

We'll work via Skype if you prefer to meet in the comfort of your own space.

We work conversationally. So online Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions are virtually identical (pun intended) as face-to-face. I'm regularly told how it isn't long before those I'm working with forget we're not actually in the same room together.

Scroll down to send me a message about online Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions via Skype.