Below are some of the things people are saying about working with me at my Cognitive Hypnotherapy practice in Leighton Buzzard.

Stress, social anxiety, not feeling good enough

I was having difficulty with my most longstanding issues, including stress symptoms and social anxiety. Working with David helped me reveal these stemmed from an unconscious belief of not being 'good enough'. 

David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Leighton Buzzard

The work we did together helped me become more confident, calm and 'still' in social situations. It helped me establish a better relationship with other people. Particularly my closest family and friends. And to feel healthier by tackling the roots of psychological stress.

Absolutely, I would recommend David. I think the example that David sets in working on himself may be what sets him apart the most: he leads by example, which has been a powerful motivator for me. 

I think everyone feels a bit anxious before trying something new, but I see now that you shouldn't ever let that stop you. If you're on the fence, just go for it!

- J, Teacher, Age 29 - Stress and social anxiety

Post-Traumatic Stress and trauma

I was struggling to come to terms with my PTSD.

I didn't believe therapy would have an effect on me. But working with David helped me to overcome many fears. 

I now have a better understanding of how my brain works, which made it easier for me to understand myself and why I might be feeling low.

I found working with David insightful and safe. I would definitely recommend him. He makes it a safe environment where you can face your problems and start to better your life. 

- F, Model, Age 24 - PTSD and trauma

Anxiety, family trauma, low sex-drive

At 65 I was facing a situation that challenged my mental stability which was being compounded in trying to deal with a very traumatic family issue that raised questions as to whether I was managing my life to the best of my ability or if there were underlying problems that needed to be addressed.

David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy Leighton Buzzard, Low sex drive

After some initial hesitation I reached out to David to see if his skill and expertise would guide me through my personal turmoil and if possible provide me with some clarification as to how I could effectively deal with my situation.

I was very surprised that after a number of consultations David was able to clearly pin point issues that I was trying to deal with and provided clarity as to how I might resolve my personal circumstances in such a way that I have now regained my confidence in managing the situation I was finding myself in.

David has a very warm engaging manner in which he conducts his consultations and this makes a very insightful approach that for me resulted in a very positive outcome.

I would highly recommend David as his skill in being to identify the root cause of a particular issue and by being able to set out a clear path in resolving a person’s own situation has hugely benefited me.

- M, Age 65 - IT Professional - anxiety, family trauma, low sex-drive

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, self-medication, compulsive spending

I would like to say just how much David has helped me come to terms with a condition that had been holding me back for most of my adult life. A combination of anxiety that had been mis-diagnosed and depression that had crippled me for years.

I had sought help from any source I could and whilst the counselling I received was useful I wasn’t able to find the root cause which would then help me deal with it. David was able to not only help me find the cause but to actually transform my life and my outlook.

Our conversations where hard and sometimes challenging, but David gave me the confidence and ability to look at my life afresh and to approach life with a different perspective of awareness and mindfulness.

Thank you so much for helping me change my life.

- G, IT Professional, Age 49 - Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, self-medication, compulsive spending

Fear of flying (aerophobia, aviophobia)

I’ve been scared of flying for such a long time. No matter how positive I tried to be, each and every plane journey was terrifying. It wasn’t just the journey itself, it was the lead up to it.

David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Leighton Buzzard

Since our session my fear has not just decreased but it has completely gone. I went on a flight and on a helicopter a week after the session and genuinely my fear had gone. So impressed and grateful.

I can now continue to explore different countries without the nervousness before the flight and the sweaty hands and fast beating heart during it. 

David was understanding and calm even though we had to re-visit certain parts again before the fear was finally gone. David made me feel comfortable talking about my experiences and made me realise where my fear had come from.

I couldn’t help but be somewhat sceptical and I worried it wouldn’t work for me. Well aren’t I glad I tried anyway as after just one session, David helped me to overcome my fear.

I would definitely recommend David. He puts people at ease and really listens to what he's being told. It’s clear that he's passionate about what he does.

- S, Police Officer, Age 31 - Fear of flying

Cocaine addiction

I had got to a point in my life where I felt I couldn't socialise without taking cocaine. Our work together has changed all of that.

Cocaine started out as a drug I didn't do all that often. But over time it became part of my social routine. Also, if I had a bad day at work, or a friend had had a bad day, then it would be a reason to 'pick me up'.

David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Leighton Buzzard

At the start of the week I would tell myself "no gear this week". But if I made it through to Friday, I'd be ordering in for the weekend as a 'well done' for not doing any during the week. This happened all too often. 

I now can go out or stay in with friends, even with those friends who still 'get on it', without being tempted. I do not think about cocaine during the week, and it's not part of my socialising routine at the weekends.

I no longer have an argument in my head, during the week, whether or not I should get on it or not. I do not worry and panic anymore about how I am going to have fun without it. I do not feel like I am missing out.

I feel like I am back to the ‘old’ person I used to be, where I could go clubbing, not do any drugs and be the last one on the dance-floor, or last one to go to bed. The 'old me' who could have fun with friends and get through the weekend without cocaine.

I did have concerns whether or not the changes would be long lasting. I was concerned that when in an environment where cocaine was present, I would be to tempted to give in. But I haven't. They have lasted.

I would absolutely recommend working with David to others. Our work together got my life back on track and in control. Best feeling. Uplifting, life changing and back in the driver’s seat!

- B, Account Manager, Age 28 - Cocaine addiction

Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts

I was suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts, and generalised anxiety.

I was receiving treatment (anti-depressants and CBT) for my depression, and although it was helping me function, I wasn’t noticing a sustainable change - I still felt suicidal all the time. I felt very helpless and hopeless that I was going to have to feel like this for the rest of my life.

David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Leighton Buzzard for depression

I avoided my friends, thinking they hated me or were merely tolerating me; I put so much energy into hiding how ill I was at work that I had nothing left when I got home; and I constantly thought about dying or killing myself.

Since working with David, I'm now more confident and content in myself, and as cheesy as it sounds, I feel more capable to deal with whatever life throws at me, and take everything in my stride.

For example, I have the confidence to stand up to my boss at work when I don’t agree with something; previously I would have become frustrated, angry, depressed, trapped within the situation. But now when something conflicts with my beliefs I’m confident enough to stand up for them and not let that inner conflict drag me down.

I had a LOT of concerns about hypnotherapy before I decided to work with David. Firstly, massive scepticism. I’m a scientist by training and didn’t believe in a lot of this hypnotherapy mumbo-jumbo. Secondly, scepticism. I’d done CBT and other talking therapy so why on earth was this going to work?

Thirdly, scepticism. "He’s not going to be able to help me" and "I'm going to be stuck like this forever" were common thoughts. The scientist in me is still a sceptic. I can’t explain it, I’ve not read enough papers to convince me. But what I do know is it worked for me where CBT only scratched the surface.

I was also really scared about being judged and worried about having to talk through "big stuff" with someone. But there was zero judgement and everything was done to make me comfortable and safe.

We worked at a pace I could cope with. If I was having a rough day with my depression, the session was adapted to not overwhelm me and with no pressure - leave the "big stuff" to another day! In hindsight I can’t believe it was something I was worried about!

David helped me through one of the toughest times of my life - and I’ve come out the other side struggling to remember what depression feels like (and I was in a really dark, scary place). I now feel like a much better version of myself. I’m still me, but a more awesome version of me.

I would absolutely recommend working with David! He's very knowledgeable, professional, personable and patient. His passion for helping others shines through and he's so invested in supporting people through tough times.

- E, Manufacturing Supervisor, Age 32 - Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts

Spider phobia (arachnophobia)

I had an absolute fear/phobia and irrational behaviour around spiders.

I used to scan a room first when I went in, especially a toilet, looking for spiders. I used to threaten people that if they came near me with a spider, I would knock them out and didn’t care if I lost my job over it. I would scream and shake uncontrollably, which in my position at work is not professional at all.


Now that doesn’t happen. My life is not controlled by my irrational fear anymore.

After just one session with David, he helped me understand where it all started, and that actually, because I love all creatures, I saw it was ok to love spiders too.

It is truly incredible that after all these years, being so fearful of something that you would lose your job over it, to not have that fear is a fantastic feeling. My husband and colleagues/friends at work are all very amazed at the change in me.

I can now watch spiders on TV and look at pictures of them. I can work in my garden without fear of being attacked by a spider. I no longer worry about a spider jumping out on me when I walk into any room. I have even got very close and attached to a rather large house spider which I have named Fred. 

I liked being fearful of spiders. I didn’t want to lose that because I didn’t want to face it. I didn’t think it would work, but I realised I had nothing to lose by trying.

The experience of therapy has been bloody fantastic. The actual therapy was good and the result was amazing. I trusted David completely and he made me feel safe. 

I have already recommended David to my friends, because if they have a chance to combat their fears or phobias or any other areas of their lives that could help them become happier, calmer and/or more in control of their mind, as David Bird would say, then it's worth a shot, right!?

- N, Operations Manager, Age 43 - Spider phobia (arachnophobia)

Depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling hopeless and unlovable

My biggest problem was depression. I felt like there is no hope for me. That I will never be happy again.

Daily tasks become extremely difficult, sometimes I couldn't find motivation and energy to get up in the morning. I would stay at home for weeks feeling nothing but pain. I gave up on my social life, hobbies, felt useless, hopeless and unlovable. I've been fighting with very strong suicidal thoughts.

David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy Leighton Buzzard Depression Suicidal Thoughts

After just a short while I understood the core of the problem which helped me understand why I've been feeling so miserable and what I can do to change it. I had more energy, I started noticing positive aspects of my life and getting up in the morning wasn't so difficult anymore. It's been a hard work, but I could see how my way of thinking started to change, which was the biggest motivation.

I'm happy to say I don't feel depressed anymore. I still have some bad days, as we all do, but I know it's just a moment. I started going out again, making new friends, enjoying small things and constantly forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone so I can learn myself. I feel loved and I like myself :)

I really like the fact these were not the standard, serious and heavy sessions. I've never felt overwhelmed even when the subjects were very difficult. I felt more like talking to someone who is willing to listen and is able to show me things, I'm trying to hide from myself, which really helped me to feel comfortable and be open about what I feel and think.

The last time I've been looking for help, I've been given antidepressants, which made me feel even worse. I felt like I need to understand the reason rather than trying to heal the side effects, and that's what our sessions gave me.

I could see effects, very quickly, and I was getting feedback from David as well, which helped me to see how far I got. Also the fact we were in touch after the sessions, and I could always reach out to David when I was struggling helped a lot.

Yes, I would recommend working with David! His approach is unconventional. He was able to make me feel comfortable, talking about the most uncomfortable subjects. It was a very positive surprise. From ''I'm hopeless and helpless'' I got to ''I can be happy if I work on myself a little bit more'' within just a few months :)

- P, Senior Hiring Assistant, Age 25 - Depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling hopeless and unlovable

Lack of confidence, anxiety, family issues, and fear of flying

I originally wanted to conquer my fear of flying, but I also had an issue with anxiety, and lack of confidence generally.

I had not taken a holiday abroad with my family since I was a child and went with my own parents at the age of 15. Even talking about holidaying abroad would make me tearful. I was restricting my life and my family's.

David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy Leighton Buzzard, Lack of Confidence, Anxiety

I have now taken a flight to Edinburgh! I felt confident and my anxiety was almost non-existent waiting for the plane and although I got nervous on the plane I was able to take control of the nerves. This gave me confidence and a sense of achievement. I am also able to plan a pipe dream trip to America in the next year or so, even contacting a travel agent.

Looking at my fear of flying had also enabled me to take a look at my anxieties more generally. Our work wasn't just restricted to that one thing. Although now I have made decisions to make changes in my life, so it's all a bit upside down (mainly work wise) I don't feel anxious about that. I am sleeping better and any nerves I get are "normal" nerves about starting a new job.

Some family issues have also been put to rest. They are not solved, but the intense feelings I had are not there now. I can be at peace with situations without hatred or grief, simply acceptance. It feels ok. It feels ok to be in this place.

I loved the tools I was given to cope, to take home and use. I discovered things I had never even had a conscious thought about and affected me deeply. This work I found helped me more than others along with looking at layers. Sometimes painfully, but always with an approach to healing.

I am now less anxious and more confident. I am also so surprised at just how much I let go with David. I ugly-cried and spoke about things I don't think anyone but me had ever heard (in my mind to myself) and it felt safe.

I can remember one of our last sessions when we had almost ended our work together, but emotions were high, so we agreed to have another week. I can remember being very tearful, feeling very raw and vulnerable. I looked at David and I felt that he was with me. I really knew he was right beside me and with his support I could look at what I was struggling with. He may be younger than me, but I felt he held me in mind and walked with me through the tough stuff. I was so grateful for that.

I have put to bed an all-consuming fear and feel I have grabbed my life back. I have looked at my anxiety and lack of confidence and softened it. If it does rear its ugly head I have also been given the tools to manage it. The butterflies I constantly woke up with in the night have gone. I have a better quality of life.

Working with David was a hugely positive experience. I kept going home to my family saying: you wouldn't believe what we talked about. You must go and see him! He was empathic, warm and professional. He provided a safe space in which to be able to uncover my darkest fears. He was open and knowledgeable.

I appreciated when David explained why he was taking a certain approach, why he thought it may work. He made me feel part of my therapy, not just a counsellor and client. I was in the driving seat.

I think everyone has things they could do with support with and I think David had the skills to help them. If he can help me get on a plane, I think he can help anyone with anything! David helped me deal with my layers, as well as my main reason for visiting. He saw me as a whole. I believe he can help others get to a place they would like to be emotionally and mentally.

- E, Pharmacy Care Coordinator, Age 44 - Lack of confidence, anxiety, family issues, and fear of flying