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You could easily make a list of reasons not to reach out. It isn't always easy, opening up. Especially to someone you don't know yet. And anyway - where do you start?

For some it's natural. It never was for me. And I wonder if you feel the same.

Yes, I would recommend David (and have done). It’s the best thing I ever done to help with my anxiety and wish I had done it sooner rather than waiting ‘til breaking point. I feel like I am myself again and I have not felt like this in a long time.
— R, Healthcare professional, Age 31 - Feeling not good enough, low confidence and self-esteem
David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy Leighton Buzzard

My promise to you

I promise you an open and honest dialogue. A non-judgemental, understanding ear. And help in understanding what's at the core of your issue.

And that can only start once you reach out.

David helped me deal with my layers, as well as my main reason for visiting. He saw me as a whole. I believe he can help others get to a place they would like to be emotionally and mentally.
— E, Pharmacy Care Coordinator, Age 44 - Fear of flying, anxiety, lack of confidence, family issues

You have nothing to lose except what's holding you back

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