Are you having trouble dealing with stress? Maybe finding it difficult to get help with anxiety or panic attacks?

Struggle with feeling not-good-enough at times? Find yourself yo-yo'ing from "yeah, let's do this!" to "what's the bloody point"?

Do you often feel stuck, like you're holding yourself back? Try moving forward, but something always gets in the way. And then you're caught up somewhere between self-distraction and a mountain of 'shoulds'?

What if you could let go of those things?

Imagine life, being motivated to do what you feel passionate about. More content. Able to find peace and get in touch with your creativity when you need to. More focused. And feeling capable to create new opportunities for yourself.

Real change is possible.

David bird, cognitive hypnotherapist & Mindset coach

David bird, cognitive hypnotherapist & Mindset coach

I would absolutely recommend working with David to others. Our work together got my life back on track and in control. Best feeling. Uplifting, life changing and back in the driver’s seat!
— B, Account Manager, Age 28 - Cocaine addiction

This isn't just 'managing' the problem

At the heart of my approach is Cognitive Hypnotherapy. A revolutionary, science-based and research-backed brief therapy.

Paradoxically, we actually 'de-hypnotise' you to let go of unhelpful patterns, behaviours, and limiting beliefs. So you can create the life you really want.

Our work is conversational and tailored to you. No scripts. No tick-boxes. Whatever helps you become the best version of you.

If I hadn’t worked with David, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to end jobs I was unhappy with and find myself in a job where I love the people, the ethos and get job satisfaction. So thank you. I feel my life has started again
— E, Pharmacy Care Coordinator, Age 44 - Lack of confidence, anxiety, family issues, and fear of flying

I've battled my own demons


I struggled for years. Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem. And the coping mechanisms that come with them: addiction, perfectionism, procrastination, self-sabotage.

I held impossibly high standards. A huge control-freak. Frustrated, I went around in circles. I knew why I reacted. But felt powerless to change. A victim of my own mind. "If other people can be different, why can't I?"

And now things are different.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy helped me get where I am today. To a life of purpose and meaning. More in control of my own mind. Of the choices I make. And happier being me.

I found working with David insightful and safe. I would definitely recommend him. He makes it a safe environment where you can face your problems and start to better your life.
— F, Model, Age 24 - PTSD and trauma

You can achieve the same

David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy Leighton Buzzard

How much easier would life be with your brain working for you, rather than against you?

Maybe you don't know where to start. "It's just the way I am". "People can't change". Maybe even scared what 'change' means. And that's perfectly normal.

I want you to be completely sure and comfortable working with me is the right decision for you. So let's start with a conversation.

Yes, I would recommend working with David! His approach is unconventional. He was able to make me feel comfortable, talking about the most uncomfortable subjects. It was a very positive surprise. From ‘’I’m hopeless and helpless’’ I got to ‘’I can be happy if I work on myself a little bit more’’ within just a few months :)
— P, Senior Hiring Assistant, Age 25 - Depression and suicidal thoughts
I would highly recommend David as his skill in being to identify the root cause of a particular issue and by being able to set out a clear path in resolving a person’s own situation has hugely benefited me.
— M, IT Professional, Age 65 - Anxiety, family trauma, low sex-drive