Rat Race Refocus: How Changing Your Focus Can Reduce Depression Risk By 48%

Planning on heading out over the next week or so?

Something I often did to combat fear of failure was focus too much on the have-to's, musts, and shoulds. I was always chasing my to-do list. Which often led to disconnection. And then on to depression.

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A recent study finds 'cultural engagement' can help prevent depression as we get older. Risk lowers by up to 48% if you engage once a month or more.

What's cultural engagement? The researchers defined it as 'activities including going to museums, theatre, and cinema'.

Now, maybe that seems somewhat obvious: do fun things and be happier than when not doing fun things. Easy, right? But it's surprising how easy it can be to get into the pattern of..not.

I would always prioritise productivity over fun and connection. Not that I realised it at the time, but I had to feel like I'd earned my right to be worthy of those things. Yet I never seemed to get back enough to pay my way.

As human beings we need to do things that connect us with something outside ourselves and the stressful routines we get into. Change the focus. Connect with something bigger.

It's why the 'service mindset' can be so powerful in combating stress and depression. Because it builds a sense of purpose. Engaging in something for the benefit of others. Or some bigger cause.

But even just shifting focus onto something else for a while can make a difference. Especially if it's something different. Something to change the scene. Interrupt the pattern. Move our intention outside.

Sometimes we can get into those patterns because we just haven't noticed. The shoulds and musts take over. And sometimes there's more going on. So we can start by asking the question:

"What can I do that's different this week to get out of the routine?"

And maybe more importantly, "if I feel like I can't, what really holds me back?"

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