Depression: An Open Letter To Those Who Struggle To Support You Through Your Darkest Days

If you've felt depression's emptiness, this isn't for you. If you know what it's like to believe things never get better, despite past contradiction, this isn't for you.

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This is for those of you who get frustrated when we can't tell you what's wrong. When we're inexplicably miserable, without cause that withstands logic or reason.

This is for those of you who get upset when we push you away, even though we want you around. Who sometimes think our melancholic dips are because of you. Who don't believe just being there is enough. That there must be a way you can help fix it. And somehow we could let you.

This is for those of you who struggle to understand why we can't see the things you see. How lost you are when we don't feel lovable, good enough, or maybe capable of anything worthwhile at all. Even when you show us we are.

This is for those of you who get confused how quickly the scales tip. From a world of bright, compelling possibilities. To bleak pointlessness where everything's just so fcuking hard.

I want you to know this:

It might not sound like we care. But we do.
It might not look like we're trying. But we are.
It might not seem like you can help us. But you can.

We don't always see the spark you see in us. But we do sometimes. When things are better, we know it's not always worse. We remember the ups. But they disappear. Like pages ripped from a book. We keep flicking through. But they aren't there. And we forget they come back.

But they do come back.

If we could just turn it off, we would.
If we knew how to be positive more often, we would.
Sometimes, we just don't know how.
But there is hope. Because you've seen it.
And so have we.
And you help us remember.

Things can be different, because they have been. Things can change, because they continue to. And if you believe that, so can we.

Sometimes it feels like we're alone. But we're not. And when you walk with us, it helps us reconnect. It's easier to see what you see when you're starting from where we are.

Don't give up on us. Every day you don't means more than you know.

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