Bedtime stories: how what you believe can make it hard to sleep better

Do you struggle with sleep? Too little or too much, maybe always feeling somewhat tired?

I used to chronically procrastinate sleep. Eventually I discovered a belief "going to bed early = less time to do stuff = not good enough". And I've found this kind of miscalculation quite common.

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It's easy to get into the habit of just accepting our sleep habits.

"I can't fit in work, my social life, AND enough sleep"
"I'm just not a good sleeper"
"I need a lot of sleep. I'm a very tired person"
"My brain just can't switch off if it's too early"

I'm sure you've heard people say similar. Maybe even you. But what if it weren't true? What if it was just a plausible narrative, repeated because it made sense once upon a time?

Much has been written on good sleep hygiene. Don't eat before bed. Don't watch TV or use your phone in bed. Have a regular routine. Limit daytime naps. But how many do you actively practise? Or have you even tried?

Ironically, I'd also get really anxious about not getting enough sleep. To the extent I'd cancel social plans if I couldn't get home to my own bed. And, because of that, I actually trained my brain to feel awful whenever I woke up just a little under-slept.

That's the power of unconscious beliefs.

It's easy to stick with our current story. Because it makes sense. Especially if it's unchangeable, or about us as a person: "I'm not a good sleeper", "it's impossible for me to go to bed any earlier". Why try to change if you can't?

Sometimes it can be as simple as realising our assumptions are just that: not true. And sometimes there's more to it. So you might need a little more than a relaxing bedtime ritual to dial down the brain-stress enough to wake with a spring in your step.

But let's start with the notion that things CAN change.

You might be surprised just how much more open you are to trying some of the things that could begin to do just that.

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