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You could easily make a list of reasons not to reach out. It isn't always easy, opening up. Especially to someone you don't know yet. And anyway - where do you start?

For some it's natural. It never was for me. And I wonder if you feel the same.

David Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy Leighton Buzzard

My promise to you

I promise you an open and honest dialogue. A non-judgemental, understanding ear. And help in understanding what's at the core of your issue.

And that can only start once you reach out.

Absolutely, I would recommend David. I think the example that David sets in working on himself may be what sets him apart the most: he leads by example, which has been a powerful motivator for me. 
— James, Teacher, Age 29 - Stress and social anxiety

You have nothing to lose except what's holding you back

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